What is Vaccine ?

The Vaccine helps the body’s immune system to recognize and fight pathogens like viruses or bacteria, Vaccine is a biological product introduced in the body to fight against toxin released by pathogens. Vaccination can prevent us from many diseases. Vaccination can prevent and protect us from many more than 25 debilitating or life-threatening diseases, including measles, polio, influenza, diphtheria, tetanus, meningitis, typhoid, and cervical cancer.
The Vaccine makes antibodies in the human immune system to recognize and fight the disease-causing pathogens and saves in the memory.
Some vaccines are live pathogens; they don’t cause any harm, but the body can recognise it and act.
Presently most of the countries as a national campaign vaccination is given to children on time but still, nearly 20 million worldwide children miss out vulnerable them at risk of serious ill health, diseases, death, disability .

Why is vaccination important?

Vaccines make people immune to vulnerable to a disease without getting sick. When one vaccine is given to a person, there is no risk of that particular pathogen attack in the immune system. It also releases pressure from the healthcare system to treat for that particular disease.

How Vaccines are developed?

Vaccines take years to develop. After intense, it is tested in animals first and then undergoes human trials. Each Vaccine Undergoes three-phase trials for safety and efficacy
In the first phase a small group of people given vaccine trials.
In the second phase, it is given to those who have the same characteristics to whom the new vaccine is intended.
In the third phase, it is injected into several thousand people and the data is analyses and maintained for post-marketing.

Why should we Vaccinated ?

Without Vaccination we are in danger of genuine sickness and inability from ailments like measles, meningitis, pneumonia, lockjaw and polio. Huge numbers of these ailments can be hazardous. WHO assesses that immunizations spare somewhere in the range of 2 and 3 million lives each year.

Although few infections may have disappeared, the germs that cause them to keep on moving in some parts of the world. In today’s time any disease can transfer very easily from one part of the world to another.

Two key motivations to get immunized are to secure ourselves and to ensure people around us. Since not every person can be immunized – including extremely young infants, the individuals who are truly sick or have certain hypersensitivities – they rely upon others being Vaccinated to ensure they are likewise protected from Vaccine preventable disease .