Vaccine Schedule

Vaccine Schedule

The following Vaccination schedule for children from birth through 18 years by recent evidence for licensed vaccines in our country.

Vaccination schedule for Children

Vaccination schedule for Children
Vaccination schedule for Children
Birth( Within)     
24 to 72hrsBCG0.05mLIDLeft upper armConventionally given on thi site
 OPV-02 DropsOral  
 Hep B-00.5 mLIMLeft thighMandatory before discharge (preferably within 24-72 hours of birth )
6 WeeksDTwp/DTaP10.5mL        IMAnterolateral aspect of thighUse Combination vaccine whenever possible
 Hib- 1    
 Rota-10.5-2 mLOralSquirt toward buccal mucosa-If RV5/ RV116E , 3 doses one month apart -if Rv1, 2  dose one month apart
-First dose of rotavirus vaccine not be adminstrited after 16 weeks -Last dose of rotavirus not to be adminstrited after 6 months for RV1 , and not after 32 weeks for others.  
10 WeeksDTwP/DTaP20.5mLIMAnterolateral aspect of thigh 
 Hib- 2    
 IPV-2   2 doses of IPV instead of 3 doses if started at 8 weeks age . If so dose to be administered 8 weeks apart
 Rota-20.5-2 mLOralSquirt toward buccal mucosa2 Doses of RV1
14 WeeksDTwP/DTaP30.5mLIMAnterolateral aspect of thigh 
 Hib- 3    
 Rota-30.5-2 mLOralSquirt toward buccal mucosaRV5/RV116E is administered as 3 doses
6 MonthsHEP b0.5mLIMSquirt towardIf following 0,1 & 6 months schedule
 OPV- 12 DropsOral  
 IIV- 10.25mLIM  
7 MonthsIIV- 20.25mLIM  
9 MonthsOPV- 22 DropsOral  
 MMR-1 /MR0.5mLSC After 270 complete days
 Meningococcal conjugate vaccine -10.5mLIM High –risk groups
10 MonthsTyphoid conjugate vaccine-10.5mLIM At least 1 – month gap between MMR and TCV
12 MonthsHepatitis A (Killed or live )0.5mLIM (killed )or SC( live) Single dose of Hepatitis A
 JE-10.25mLIM In endemic areas < 3 years age
 Cholera vaccine Oral Hyperdemic /outbreaks : 2 doses adminstired 2 weeks apart and a booster dose after 2 years
13 MonthsJE-20.25mLIM In endemic areas < 3 years age
15 MonthsMMR -20.5mLSC  
15- 18 MonthsPCV – Booster0.5mLIM  
16- 18 MonthsDTwP/DTaP
(Booster 1)
0.5mLIM Combination vaccines preferred
 IPV- Booster0.5mLIM  
 Hib- Booster0.5mLIM  
18 MonthsHepatitis A
0.5mLIM 2nd dose for killed vaccine
2 yearsTyphoid conjugate-2 or Typhoid polysaccharide0.5mLIMUpper arm-Polysaccharide typhoid vaccine repeated every 2-3 yearly -if a typhoid conjugate vaccine the first time at / after 2 years , a single dose will suffice  
 Meningococcal -20.5mLIM If Meningococcal conjugate vaccine is being given at first time at /after 2 years  a single dose will suffice  
4 – 6 yearsDTwP/DTaP
(Booster 2)
   OPV upto 5 years of age
 MMR 3    
 Varicella-2   2nd dose of varicella may be given 3 months after first dose
9 Years onwars( girls)HPV   If started before the 15th completed birthday , give 2 doses 6 months apart – if started after 15th completed birthday , 3 doses to be given -if HPV4-0,2,6 months -if HPV2-0, 1, 6 months
10 yearsTdap/Td0.5mLIM Tdap is preferred over TD
16 YearsTd/ TT0.5mLIM Repeat every 10 years
Source : IMA India

PV : Oral polio vaccine ; DTwP: Diptheria tetanus whooping cough pertussis ; DTap : Diptheria tetanus acellular pertussis ; Tdap reduce dose od diptheria ( acellular) pertussis; Td : Tetanus diptheria; DT :Deptheria , and whole cell pertussis; Hib: Haemphilius influenzae,
IPV: Inactivated Polio Vaccine, IIV : Inactivtred Influenza Vaccine,
Hep B: Hepatitis B, Rota : Rota Virus , PCV : Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccine ,HPV :Human papilloma Virus vaccine, MR : Measles , rubella,
MMR : Mesles mumps and rubella , MMRV: Mesles mumps rubella and varicella; BCG: Bacillius  Calmette-Guerin.

Route of Vaccine! Administration of Vaccine

IM: Intramuscular The vaccine injected into the muscle
SC : Subcutaneous : The vaccine is adminstritred into the subcutneous lyer
i.e above the muscle below the skin
Intradermal (ID) : The vaccine is administrated outermost layer of the skin
Oral : The vaccine is administrated through the mouth, eliminates the need for needle and syringe.
Intranasal spray application: The vaccine is administered through the nasal mucosa