Vaccination for Adults

Vaccination for Adults and Adolescents

Hepatitis B30-1-6 months
Hepatitis A2 Killed) 1 dive attenuated0-6 months
Tdap /Td110-18 years of age followed by a booster of Td every 10 years
Varicella (Chickenpox)22 doses at 4-6 weeks interval
HPV (Girls)2( 9-14 years)
3(>14 years)
2 doses: 0 and 6 months
3 doses :0,1 (HPV2) or (HPV4) an 6 months
Influenza11 dose every year
Pneumococcal (PPSV)22 doses 5 years apart in high-risk patients
PCV 131>50 years single dose
Typhoid1 (conjugated)Till 18 years ago
• Repeat yearly if unconjugated vaccine
MMR22 doses at 4- 8 weeks interval
if previously immunized , give only one doze
Japanese Encephalitis1Till 18 years of age (in endemic areas
• 1 dose thon nigh group)
Meningococcal (ACWY1 or 21 dose (non high-risk group)
• 2 doses 4 weeks apart in high-risk groups
Rabies3 or 4• Pre-exposure 3 doses (0,7,28 days)
• Post-exposure: 4 doses (0, 3, 7 ,14/28 days)
Source: IMA India

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