Rabies Vaccine

All about Rabies Vaccine

(i) Should I get the Rabies Vaccine?

Rabies vaccine provides protection against rabies, which is caused by the Rabies virus (Lyssavirus family)
PEP is recommended following significant contact with dogs, sheep, goats, pigs, cat, camels for monkeys, mongoose, buffalo, squirrel bean, and others

(ii) How long does the Rabies Vaccine last for?Rabies Vaccine effective period

The rabies vaccine effects between 3 to 10 yrs depending on the booster dose taken by person  For example, to be safe from rabies,
rabies vaccinations are given three times,
on the day of the Ist injection and on day 7th and day 21 after the first injection. 
For those who have a high exposure of rabies, it is suggested to receive 1 booster dose once a year and every 3 to 5 years. Whereas for those who are not at high risk of rabies exposure but want to get a vaccination, vaccination is recommended every 10 years.

Rabies Injection after Dog bite

For Post-exposure rabies vaccination, 4 to 5 injections will be given if the person has not been vaccinated. 
If the vaccination did before enough, the next dose will be given two times each year. 
Additional shots are generally not required except for those at very high risk. After the booster s, a shot study found that 97% of immuno-competent individuals showed a level of protection at 10 years. Therefore, about how long does rabies vaccine work in humans, immunity following a series of doses is usually long-lasting.

(iii) What is the vaccination for rabies? Rabies Vaccine name .

Anti Rabies vaccine available diluent
• Human diploid cell vaccine (HDCV)
• Purified chick embryo cell vaccine PCEC)
• Punted duck embryo vaccine (PDEV
• Purified Vero cell rabies vaccine (PVRV)
Available as single-dose vials without the addition of any preservative

Some common names of rabies vaccine Abhayrab, Abhayrig,Berirab-P,Carig ,Equirab

(iv)Rabies Vaccine schedule
Rabies shots for humans after dog bite

Post-exposure Prophylaxis
• 4 doses
• Days 0,3, 7 between 14 and 28
• For all category 2nd and 3rd bites
• Schedule. Days 0, 3. 14. und 30 with day 0 being the day of commencement of vaccination .A sixth dose on day 90 is optional and may be offered to patients with severe debility or those who are immunosuppressed

(v) Rabies vaccine, Rabies shots, Anti Rabies vaccine
Pre-exposure Prophylaxis:(to prevent a disease from occurring.)

• Two doses on days 0 and 7
• For reexposure at any point of time after completed (and documented )pre or post-exposure prophylaxis, two doses are given on days 0 and 3
• RIG is not required during re-exposure therapy
• Boosters net required

Rabies Vaccine price in India

(vi)Rabies Vaccine inventor

Louis Pasteur on 6 July 1885 developed the first effective vaccine against rabies that was initially used to treat a human bite.

(vii)Rabies Vaccine for humans cost

The rabies vaccine is available free at government setup.
In private clinics and hospitals, the vaccine may range 1 dose costs around Rs400 to 450, so five doses cost Rs 2,000- 2500/-


1 mL IM in anterolateral thigh or deltoid (nerve in the gluteal region )for (HDCV) Human Diploid Cell Vaccine
(PCEC) Purified Chick Embryo Cell vaccine and
(PDEV) Purified Duck Embryo Vaccine

(PVRV) 0.5 mL for Purified Vero Cell Vaccine

(ix) Side effects of Rabies Vaccine

• Mild adverse events: Local injection-site reactions, and fever
• Severe adverse events: Anaphylaxis and infrequent neurologic reactions such as seizure

• Do not interchange brands
• Try to be the same brand of vaccine for the whole series
• Practically all children need vaccination against rabies

The high-risk categories of children in whom rabies vaccination should be offered as Pre-EP include

• Children having pets in home
• Children perceived higher risk of being exposed to dogs such as hostelers, and risk of stray dogs while outdoors
•Rabies immunoglobulin (RIG) (dose: 20 IU Kg) along with rabies vaccines is recommended for all category III bites
•Equine rabies immunoglobulin (ERIG dose 40/Ukg can be used
If human rabies immunoglobulin is not available
• Rabies monoclonal antibody (3.33 IU/ Kg) is now recommended instead of RIG

(x) Type of Vaccine

Concentrated, purified cell culture and embryonated egg-based vaccine