Meningococcal Vaccine

1.Who is the Meningococcal Vaccine recommended for?

Meningococcal vaccine recommended for certain populations high-risk groups of children during outbreaks in international travelers including students going for study abroad and travelers 10 Hajj and sub-Sahara Africa.
• Conjugate vaccine give herd immunity, as it prevents the nasopharyngeal carriage
• Conjugate vaccines are expected to provide immunity for a longer period than those with polysaccharide vaccine.

2. Is Meningococcal Vaccine necessary? Should my child get the meningitis vaccine?

Meningococcal Vaccine provides protection against meningococcal disease eg meningococcal meningitis, which is caused by bacterium Neissena meningitidis which infect the meninges.

3. Meningococcal Vaccine age
What age is Meningococcal Vaccine given?

Meningococcal Vaccine age
Conjugate quadrivalent
• 9 months one dose
• 2nd dose in 2 years.
• It is given at 2 years single dose is given

Unconjugated polysaccharide
• 2 years of age to high-risk groups

1. Conjugate quadrivalent vaccine conjugated to CRM (see “Availability) is approved to be used in children above 2 years of age.
2. Both conjugate quadrivalent vaccines can be used in adults up to 55 years of age
To all age groups at a risk (single dose)

4. Meningococcal Vaccine side effects.

• Mild adverse events, Local injection-site reactions and fever
• Severe adverse events Anaphylaxis and infrequent neurologic reactions such as secure

5. Meningococcal Vaccine dose

0.5 mL administered as SC on the upper arm or thigh
0.5 ml administered as IM on the upper arm or thigh.

6. Meningococcal Vaccine India, Meningococcal Vaccine for babies .

Availability / Dilulent
•Meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine (MPSV) A,C,Y, W136
•Meningococcal conjugate Vaccine (MCV): Men ACWY conjugated with diphtheria toxoid
• Meningococcal conjugate vaccines MCV : conjugated with CRM

7. Meningococcal conjugate vaccine

8. Efficacy of Meningococcal Vaccine .

The MCV4, MPSV4, and MenB vaccines are about 85-90% effective in preventing meningococcal disease.

9. Meningococcal Vaccine storage

• Between -2°C and 8’C Do not tree

10 .Type of Vaccine Meningococcal Vaccine.

a) Purified bacterial capsular polysaccharide
b) Conjugate vaccine

11.Precaution for
Meningococcal Vaccine.

Severe acute illness People with previous history of GBS may be at an increased risk .

12.Meningococcal Vaccine price

Meningococcal vaccine cost is found to average in between 800 to 4000.